Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractors Serving Companies throughout the Tampa, FL, Area

Commercial Roofing Contractors Tampa FLOne of the most respected commercial roofing contractors serving businesses in the Tampa, Florida, area is Elite Roofing Services. We have more than 20 years of experience providing commercial roofing maintenance, repair, and installation services throughout the region, and our client list includes Hillsborough County, Tampa International Airport, the Port of Tampa, Tampa Bay Water, and many more. We are particularly adept at helping businesses deal with the storm damage that can be common in the unforgiving Florida climate, allowing them to avoid or minimize workflow interruptions.

As commercial roofing contractors, we have extensive experience installing and repairing many different types of roofing, including PVC, modified, shingle, flat, and more. One of the more popular types of roofing for businesses in the Tampa, FL, area is the cool roof system, which can incorporate liquid coatings, single-ply membranes, tiles with specialized pigments, and metal roofs painted with heat-reflective colors. The many benefits of a cool roof system can include:

  • Energy savings because a cool roof reflects sunlight away and reduces heat absorption, potentially reducing the strain on your building’s HVAC system
  • Lower maintenance costs because the life of the roof is extended
  • Improved comfort due to reduced air temperatures inside the building

We offer cool roof options from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry, including Carlisle SynTec Systems, Karnak Coatings, Quest Coatings, HydroStop, GAF, Tropical Roofing Products, and Henry Roof Systems.

Elite Roofing Services is one of the leading commercial roofing contractors in the Tampa, FL, area. Contact us today if you would like to schedule a free consultation.