April Showers Can Find Their Way Inside

If you are noticing stains on your ceiling or a buildup of granules in your gutters when clearing it of leaves, Mother Nature is taking her toll on your roof and if not already, has found a way into your home or business. Leaky roofs are a common issue for businesses and residences in Florida and across the country.

Water has a unique ability of finding its way inside a building through the smallest openings. Even a rogue roofing nail that leaves a minute gap leading into the attic can serve as a main street for droplets, following the path of least resistance until it collects directly above your head.

The damage that occurs may start as cosmetic, but unsightly discoloration is a sign of more detrimental trouble ahead. Water is extremely corrosive to any metal elements, but its ability to facilitate wood rot, mold, or algae here in Florida creates an unhealthy environment.

Pre-Solving Problems

Here at Elite Roofing Services, we see varying levels of damage done to shingle and metal roofs in the Tampa, Florida area, especially considering our climate. If we focus on shingle roofs momentarily, there are a plethora of signs to look for that signify it may be time for your roof to be repaired or replaced.

To start, observe the aesthetic condition of your roof. If you are missing shingles, or if what is there has curled and cracked, water damage is imminent. This also includes a metal fascia around your soffits. As the temperature of your area fluctuates, materials naturally expand and contract. If fasteners holding a fascia to your roof have come undone, water will let itself in.\

Do your gutters appear to be in decent shape, or have they seen better days? Any exponential damage to a gutter will diminish its ability to drain the bulk of rain water away from your home. Additionally, making sure leaves and other debris are cleaned from your gutters is a crucial step to this process. Water can back up quickly in a cluttered gutter, spilling into your soffits.

Maintenance For Your Roof

Commercial and residential roofs can and should last quite some time; however, consider their purpose. They are exposed to all of the elements of your location day in and day out. They are engineered to protect the interior of your home at all costs, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible.

To avoid having to fully replace your roof more than you would like, consider a low or high maintenance package from our team at Elite Roofing Services. Our low maintenance package provides fairly new and good condition roofs with a yearly check before our Floridian storm season; a peace of mind service for the owner.

We also have a high maintenance package for older, more weathered roofs. With this, you receive quarterly or monthly service inspections, checking thoroughly for both interior and exterior signs of a leaky roof. Don’t wait for something to become a detrimental issue, contact Elite Roofing Services today!

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