Commercial Roofing Facts in 2021

The roof of your commercial building needs a qualified commercial roofer to install and look after it. If your roof fails, bad things can happen. Your inventory could be damaged, customers could be hurt, employees out of work, and worse yet, your business ruined. Take a look at some commercial roofing facts for 2021, and make sure your business is protected today!


Routine and proper maintenance on your commercial roof is extremely important. There are many ways your commercial roof could become compromised, from minor cracks in your flat roof to the corroded steel and balding shingles. All of these could lead to serious damage to your business.

At Elite Roofing Services, we offer a maintenance plan that will pay for itself by preventing expensive damage. To learn more about our commercial roof maintenance programs, click here.

Durable Alternatives

Shingles still are a popular option for commercial roofs. However, there are other more durable options for you to choose from. One other option is metal roofing. These types of roofs are a long-lasting water barrier that will protect your roof from rain, high winds, and falling debris. Metal roofs are also a worthwhile investment because when they are professional installed by someone like Elite Roofing, you can expect them to last 50 or more years.

Metal roofs aren’t the only alternative either. You can also protect your commercial building with asphalt or wood shingles. Or, you could choose to have a cool roof installed. Cool roofs have many benefits. Just a few include; economical, durable, fire-resistant, and high reflectivity. To learn more about Elite Roofing’s cool roofs, click here.

Importance of Lasting Repairs

If you have a repair that needs to be done on your commercial roof, don’t try it yourself. Without proper training and experience, it can be difficult and dangerous to successfully install or repair a commercial roof. Our long-term investment strategies at Elite Roofing will give you the best repairs that your building needs.

The Commercial Difference

If you have a repair that is needed on your commercial roof, it’s important that you find a contractor who is experienced explicitly with commercial roofs. A contractor who focuses on residential roofs may not have the tools and experience that is necessary to fix your problem. At Elite Roofing, we have been providing expert commercial roofing services for over 20 years. Our extensive experience in all Commercial Roofing in Florida roofing applications makes us the sensible choice for industrial buildings, big-box national retailers, apartment complexes, retirement homes, office buildings, restaurants, shopping malls, large business chains, and much more.

If you have a commercial roof that is in need of repair or replacement, contact the professionals at Elite Roofing Services. No commercial roofing project is too big or too small for us. Call us today at 813-630-0800 or visit our website to learn more!

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