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In terms of temperature control in a home, an attic is an uncontrolled space. It experiences the most dramatic fluctuations in hot and cold weather, which creates the possibility for issues to compound unknowingly over time.

As a homeowner, having proper attic ventilation by installing an attic fan brings you peace of mind. A poorly ventilated attic is the perfect environment for dangerous mold and mildew as over time, trapped heat combined with any moisture that finds its way into the recesses of your attic.

We at Elite Roofing Services highly encourage our customers to consider installing either a gable-mounted or roof-mounted attic fan to aid in pushing hot air out of your attic to keep it dry and cool.

Gable-Mounted Attic Fan

Many homes already have a gable, which makes it quite easy to install a gable-mounted attic fan for adequate roofing and attic ventilation. This type of attic fan mounts to the gable end of a home, increasing air flow and decreasing humidity.

One of the top gable-mounted fans that our team recommends is the QuietCool Smart Attic Gable Fan. With the ability to control it from your smart device, this gable-mounted fan boasts up to 2,830 cubic feet of air moved (CFM) on high and as low as 1,343 CFM on low.

This specific gable-mounted fan is extremely easy to install, with a “plug and play” type design. Once installed, a user can simply download the QuietCool App to their phone to turn the fan up or down, depending on their specific roofing ventilation needs.

Roof-Mounted Attic Fan

Conversely, a roof-mounted fan is mounted to a home’s roof. Roof-mounted attic fans require an install team to cut a vent hole near the top of the roof to install, so having an experienced group of professionals like ours at Elite Roofing Services is beneficial.

Of this type of attic fan, the Solar Attic Fan by Natural Light is leading in the industry. This attic fan uses solar power to cool nearly 3,000 square feet of attic space, designed to operate when the sun is at its hottest.

Ventilation is an important way to regulate attic temperature during colder months as well. While the Tampa area we serve doesn’t see frigid weather, we do see tremendous amounts of sun, making the Solar Attic Fan the best value for a Floridian’s dollar.

Consider The Material

Whether you decide on a gable-mounted or roof-mounted attic fan, the material your ventilation system is made out of is vital. The aforementioned options are constructed from steel and aluminum, metal materials built to last in extreme temperatures.

Many attic ventilation devices contain plastic parts which become brittle enough to break or malfunction. An attic fan that is made from strong, weather-resistant materials, especially if they are roof-mounted, is sure to withstand the test of time!

Elite Roofing Services specialize in all things roof and attic, so be sure to contact us if you have any questions regarding an attic fan installation.

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