Innovative Breakthroughs In Commercial Roofing

A commercial roof provides a solid shield to protect business operations from abrasive environmental elements. From direct sunlight and the heat from it to rain, hail, snow, and more, a commercial roof takes the brunt of whatever Mother Nature has to throw it’s way.

Tremendous advancements in commercial roof innovation have taken place, allowing contractors to more accurately select an applicable roof for the type of business building it will be applied to. From building materials to installation methods, the commercial roofing industry is always transforming.

And how about the technology involved in inspecting, installing, and maintaining a commercial roof as a roofing company? Elite Roofing Services are no stranger to either of these types of industry breakthroughs, and are well-versed in implementing and educating about both.

Innovative Commercial Roof Construction

Roofing is a physically lofty job, and every roofer must consider safety when installing a roof. A recently developed product by Carlisle Construction LLC, known as WIP Grip, provides a safe, slip-resistant surface of shingle underlayment.

Beyond worker safety, roof quality is of the utmost importance to companies like Elite Roofing Services. Keeping a commercial roof intact during high winds and heavy storms starts at the perimeter, and IKO’s EdgeSeal is certainly one of the best new ways to ensure secure shingles. Featuring a double-sided self-sealing adhesive, EdgeSeal seamlessly bonds shingles to the roof deck.

Technological advancements in the physical aspects of roofing do not stop at roofing materials, they also include tools for roofers to do their job. For example, the Leister Unidrive 500 is an efficient hot-air welding machine small enough to weld in close quarters while being powerful enough to work two to three times faster than average.

Useful Digital Technology For Roofers

Aside from on-site commercial roofing advancements, just as many more assist roofing contractors and companies long before the actual roofing process begins. Digital technology and software applications can also aid the business side of things for roofing companies just as well as in the field.

There is a plethora of industry-specific software available to roofing contractors today, especially in the commercial roofing sector, and much of it can now be interlocked in both internal and customer-facing ways. This level of connectivity collates marketing, finance, scheduling, and other data that is integral to a commercial roofing company’s operation.

Where digital and physical technology meet is key in many cases, especially in the preliminary stages of evaluating a commercial replacement job. Drones have grown in popularity in recent years, and in commercial roofing innovation, are now being used to take high resolution photographs of large commercial roofs like never before.

Elite Roofing Services

Do you need a new roof on your commercial or residential property? If you are located in the Tampa area, Elite Roofing Services is here to help! Their skilled team can install a new roof, perform routine roof maintenance, and more.

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