Why We Use Duro-Last

On many commercial properties, the construction commonly incorporates a flat roof. This design style has always posed a unique obstacle for those in the roofing industry. The very concept of a roof allows for accumulating precipitation to run off more efficiently and, likewise, control both hot and cold temperatures.

Many roofing services turn to Duro-Last roofing for flat roofs on commercial properties. This sheet-based membrane material brings a tremendous amount of benefit to the buildings it is installed on, from weather protection to temperature regulation.

Elite Roofing Services of Tampa Bay, Florida, have installed several roofs on commercial and residential properties that utilize Duro-Last, and their team swears by its efficacy. Here are some of the most notable benefits of installing a Duro-Last roof.

The Benefits of Duro-Last in Roofing

Easy InstallationWhile it is true that a roofing team must specialize in Duro-Last installation to safely and effectively install the product, the installation itself is quite simple. This, in turn, makes it more affordable in many ways.

Energy Efficiency – Perhaps one of the leading reasons Duro-Last is sought after in warmer climates like that of Florida is its energy-efficient nature. Duro-Last roofing repels direct rays from the sun and keeps your property cool with a reflective surface.

Customizable – Duro-Last roofing is pre-fabricated; it can be custom designed to suit any construction. This makes it a far more favorable option by roofing installation teams, knowing that it will fit any project.

Weather Resistant – Besides being energy efficient, Duro-Last roofing’s construction resists rain, snow, and other precipitation in all different climate areas. It can also withstand high winds and other tumultuous effects of Mother Nature.

Warranty Backed – All Duro-Last roofing is backed by extensive warranties that protect you as the customer from paying costs to replace if anything goes wrong with it prematurely. This is also why a certified installer is needed; proper installation keeps most roofing warranties valid for the long haul.

Low-Maintenance – Duro-Last roofing’s weather resistance also provides low-maintenance characteristics that commercial and residential property owners often seek. This saves a customer money in the long run, and because a favorable feature of Duro-Last is that it has one of the longest life spans of all roofing, there is a long-term value to not having to have it serviced.

A Certified Installer of Duro-Last – Elite Roofing Services

Duro-Last is a product that must be installed by a team credentialed to do so, and Elite Roofing Services holds said credentials and works with Duro-Last quite frequently every year. If you own a property in the Tampa Bay area that needs a new roof, it pays to give them a call.

To learn more about the roofing work that Elite Roofing Services does, or if you are interested in Duro-Last roofing, visit their website at https://www.eliteroofingservices.com/ or call (877) 630-0081 to book your install today.

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