What Are the Different Types of Commercial Roofs?

What Are the Different Types of Commercial Roofs?While the majority of residential roofs are constructed of asphalt shingles for aesthetic and economic reasons, commercial roofs can be made from a wide array of materials.In addition to asphalt shingles, some of the other popular styles of commercial roofing include:
  • PVC – A flexible roof membrane that offers excellent durability
  • TPO – This single-ply membrane is often constructed of rubber
  • Modified bitumen – A type of asphalt product
  • EPDM - A durable, synthetic rubber membrane
  • Built-up – Commonly referred to as “tar and gravel” roofing
Another popular option is metal roofing. Companies such as GulfCoast Supply & Manufacturing offer a variety of metal roofing products that may be more expensive than other types of commercial roofing but can provide many years of worry-free protection. Some popular styles of metal roofing include:
  • Standing seam
  • Exposed fastener
  • Stamped metal

Commercial Roof Repair

Many commercial structures have flat roofs, which are more economical than pitched roofs but present drainage and maintenance problems. Regular maintenance is needed to keep commercial roofs in optimal condition, especially in an area like Tampa, Florida, where heat, heavy rains, and tropical weather systems can speed the deterioration process. Elite Roofing Services offers regular maintenance programs for businesses that want to keep their commercial roof repair expenses to a minimum. We will visit either monthly, quarterly, or yearly – depending on the condition of your roof – to inspect for issues that could turn into a costly repair or replacement project if left unchecked.If you would like additional information about the commercial roof repair and maintenance services we offer to companies throughout the Tampa, FL, area, contact Elite Roofing Services today.