Cool Roof Coatings Can Extend the Lifespan of Your Charlotte, NC, Roof

cool-roof-coatings-charlotte-ncWhen the roof at your commercial building in Charlotte, North Carolina, is suffering from low energy efficiency, leaks, mold, deterioration, and other problems, you need to find a solution. Fortunately, the cool roof coatings offered by Elite Roofing Services can be a remedy for all of those issues.

What Are Cool Roof Coatings?

Cool roof coatings are applied over a roof structure to improve its health and extend its lifespan. These watertight solutions are great at reflecting sunlight and reducing heat transfer, which not only helps your roof survive high temperatures but also makes the inside of your building more comfortable.The coatings we offer at Elite Roofing Services, which are from top manufacturers such as Karnak, GAF, Henry Roofing Systems, and HydroStop, work in any climate. They can be installed on any type of roof, including metal, EPDM, built-up, and modified. What’s unique is that the type of roof you have will determine the type of cool roof coating system we apply. We offer reflective paint, spray-on foam, rubber polymers, sheet coverings, and modified bitumen to meet the varying needs of different roof structures.

Why Invest in a Cool Roof Coating?

When your roofing system is in an unhealthy state, a cool roof coating can change that. Having one applied to your roof can benefit you with:
  • High reflectivity and remittance, which can make it 70-plus degrees cooler than a roof with standard materials
  • Reduced heat transfer, which can lessen your HVAC system’s workload and potentially save you money on monthly energy bills
  • Impressive durability, allowing the roof to last longer and require less maintenance
  • Resistance to moisture, which protects against leaks, mold growth, and roof deterioration
Because of their ability to provide a boost in performance and life expectancy for different roof types in all kinds of climates, cool roof coatings are an excellent investment to make for any building, whether it’s an apartment complex, school, shopping center, or warehouse.If you need a cool roof coating solution for your Charlotte business, contact Elite Roofing Services today.