We Provide Commercial Flat Roof Repair Services in St. Petersburg, FL

Flat Roof Repair St. Petersburg FLHeat and intense rays from the Florida sun, coupled with frequent heavy rains in the summertime, can have an adverse effect on your flat roof, namely decreasing its life expectancy. Because of that, you need a trustworthy flat roof repair service to call when the roof on your commercial building in St. Petersburg is damaged.That’s where Elite Roofing Services comes in. We can repair any type of flat roof, thanks to our more than two decades of experience with installing, repairing, and maintaining them. If you start to notice any leaks or other signs of damage to your roofing system, look to our team of factory-trained and certified technicians. We will have your roof restored to its optimal condition, providing customer-focused service the whole way.

Elite Roofing Service’s Maintenance Programs

We separate ourselves from other flat roof repair services and other roofing companies with our first-rate maintenance programs. Becoming a member of either our low-maintenance or high-maintenance program is a fantastic way to avoid potentially needing a major roofing project done in the future.The low-maintenance option is for roofs that are newer and in better shape. With that tier, we visit your property for inspection once a year and before or after any major storms hit. The second tier is the high-maintenance choice, which is for older, more worn-down roofs. With that program, we inspect monthly or quarterly, depending on the state of the roof. With both levels, you receive discounts on inspections and maintenance. Best of all, you won’t have to keep track of when to schedule an inspection. We will contact you when the time comes for your roof to be checked out.

Cool Roof Options Available with Flat Roof Repairs

When Elite Roofing Services executes a flat roof repair, you can opt for a cool roofing option to accompany it. A cool roof coating provides an added layer of protection against the harsh climate, which can help your roof’s life expectancy. It can also increase the energy efficiency of your business by reducing heat transfer and helping your HVAC system maintain a steady, comfortable temperature.If you want more information on our flat roof repairs or cool roofing options that can accompany them, contact Elite Roofing Services today to schedule a no-obligation consultation at your St. Petersburg business.