How Do You Cool Seal a Metal Roof?

How Do You Cool Seal a Metal Roof? metal roof coating techniquesMetal roofs are popular because they can last upwards of 50 or 60 years and require less maintenance than other commercial roofs. However, even metal roofs can benefit from the protection provided by a roof coating. A metal roof coating can not only provide a waterproof seal for your roof, but it can also improve your building’s energy efficiency, which could lead to savings on energy costs.

Applying a Roof Coating

Cool roof coatings come in several forms, including reflective paint and other liquids, sheet coverings, and reflective tiles and shingles. No matter what type of cool roof you are installing, there are three important steps that need to be taken to ensure it will be able to do its job properly:
  1. Clean Metal Roof Thoroughly

Coatings won’t adhere properly to a roof that is covered in oil, dirt, and dust. Scrub the roof with a broom, hose away the dirty water, and allow the roof to dry before applying the cool roof coating.
  1. Make Needed Repairs

Use your preferred sealant to reinforce the roof fabric as needed. You may also need to fill in areas where water gathers, reinforce open seams, and caulk cracks or tears. Also, be sure to repair any flashing issues.
  1. Apply the Coating

Once repairs have been completed and the roof has dried, the coating should be applied evenly, making sure that all areas of the roof are covered.

Metal Roof Coating for Commercial Buildings in the Winston-Salem, NC, Area

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