How Long Do Metal Roofs Last?

How Long Do Metal Roofs Last?Asphalt shingle roofs are an economical option in the short term, but they require frequent maintenance and need to be replaced every 15-20 years or so. While a metal roof is a more costly choice upfront, it can be expected to offer exceptional performance for 50 years or more, providing an outstanding return on your investment. And, by allowing Elite Roofing Services to apply a metal roof coating, you can ensure even better performance and fewer maintenance costs for your roof. We’re a full-service commercial roofing company serving the Winston-Salem, North Carolina, area, and we have more than two decades of experience providing long-lasting roofing solutions for all types of commercial structures. We offer cool roof coatings from the top manufacturers in the industry, including Karnak.

Benefits of a Metal Roof Coating

A cool roof coating is applied directly onto the existing roof and can come in many forms, including reflective paint, rubber polymers, spray-on foam, sheet coverings, and single-ply PVC membranes. They provide superior protection against water intrusion and can also reflect UV rays to lower your roof’s temperature, taking some of the work load off your building’s HVAC system. They also can extend your roof’s life by several years if:
  • They receive regular maintenance, including occasional cleaning with a power washer
  • They are re-applied in areas where cracks develop or rust begins to show through
If you are interested in learning about more of the benefits a metal roof coating can provide, contact Elite Roofing Services to schedule a free consultation at your business in the Winston-Salem, NC, area.