Your Go-To Metal Roofing Contractor in Clearwater, FL

Metal Roofing contractor Clearwater, FLOver the years, Elite Roofing Services has worked with some of the most recognizable companies and entities in the Tampa Bay area. We have done jobs for Hillsborough County, Tampa International Airport, Port of Tampa, Walmart, the YMCA, and Marriott. With all of our clients, we provide expert roofing work and high-quality service.So, when you need a metal roofing contractor that serves the Clearwater area, you can confidently turn to us. We have extensive experience with installing and repairing metal roofs, which is part of the reason why we are so trusted and respected around the area.

Metal Roof Installations

Elite Roofing Services does a variety of metal roofing work, offering different types of roofs for both low-slope and steep-slope applications. The types of metal roofing we install include steel, galvanized, prefinished Kynar, stainless steel, galvalume, aluminum, and copper. No roofing project is too big or too small for us, so if you’re looking for a new roof installation, look to us to get the job done.

Our Experience

Beyond our installation experience, we have done a variety of repairs and reroofs with metal materials. Regardless of which service you need from us, we can work with the following metal roofing types:
  • Custom fabricated
  • Tapered panels
  • 5v metal crimp panels
  • Metal tiles
  • Standing seam

Maintenance Plans to Keep Your Roof Healthy

The long-term health of your roof is important, which is why we offer outstanding maintenance plans for our customers. We have low-maintenance and high-maintenance plans, designed to fit your roof’s needs. The low-maintenance plan is suitable for newer, healthier roofs and includes visits once a year and before or after any major storms hit to make sure the roof is performing optimally. The high-maintenance plan is for older roofs and includes either monthly or quarterly inspections based on the state of your roof. With both plans, you get discounts on inspections and maintenance. Plus, you won’t have to schedule your own appointments. We do that for you.

Cool Roof Coatings to Protect Your Roof

Another fantastic way to keep your roof healthy is with a cool roof coating. The Florida heat can beat down and heat your roof up to an uncomfortable, suboptimal temperature – especially if it’s metal. But, because of their high reflectivity and remittance, our coatings can make your roof 70 degrees cooler than a traditional roof on a hot summer day. Plus, a cool roof coating keeps moisture out and reflects UV and infrared radiation, protecting your roof’s insulation from deteriorating.For more information about the metal roofing work, maintenance plans, and roof coatings we offer in the Clearwater area, contact Elite Roofing Services today.